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The Ultimate Social Media Templates Bundle

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Generating quality leads and high-ticket sales through your social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Ads. Imagine creating a social media-based sales funnel system with raving fans who trust you and will buy from you any given time.

Imagine how will it change your business and life…

But how?


Guess what


Creating professional templates or content is time-consuming. And if you aren’t a professional graphics designer, it’ll be an overwhelming task and you’re more likely to end up with unattractive designs that won’t bring you any results. 🙁

The Solution


The Ultimate Social Media Templates Bundle

Shafiya Aslam

Hey! I'm Shafiya Aslam

I’m the Founder of the Shazzle Agency. Where we help coaches, consultants, experts, and product/service-based business owners to generate more quality leads and get more high-end sales consistently through profitable and automated sales systems.

But when I first started my business as a freelance graphic designer, all I had was a social media account (Instagram) with a few followers. My profile wasn’t optimized (it looked scammy). Even though I was great at creating visual content I was only posting random stuff from the internet. The people who followed me weren’t even my ideal audience. 

Soon I figured out that I need a growth strategy to bring the audience to my profile. I tried different strategies but my conversion rate was only between 2% – 8%. I was frustrated to the core. Deep inside I knew I wasn’t doing things right. And I started to study profiles of people who are famous and what type of content they’re posting. I started to think of what makes me follow some accounts under a few seconds but still leave certain profiles as soon as I land on ‘em.

I understood social media contents are all about delivering value in a visually attractive way, consistently. So I started creating valuable, visual, one of a kind content to attract my audience. I deleted everything on my page. Optimized it. Got a professional logo done. Created some awesome highlights. I picked a layout style for my feed and maintained it well through my content design. And I started my growth strategies all over again.

And this time BOOM! Over 33% of visitors turned into followers and guess what? More than 80% of them were my ideal audience. People who love my service and ready to buy from me.

I felt like ‘aha’ I finally cracked the code. The secrets of boosting your conversion rate on social media is to provide value in a visually attractive way, consistently. Which increases your brand recognition and awareness.

It did not stop at Instagram, I used the same strategies to optimize my Pinterest and Facebook as well.

But once again I faced a problem. Creating one of a kind content repeatedly was time-consuming. So I decided to create my own templates. And use them once a week to create weekly content. And this time the templates reduced my work stress and I got more time to grow my business.

I started doing the same thing to my clients and my business grew gradually. But all the templates I created, remained like old books on our shelves. So I decided to sell them individually. And then digitalshop.shazzleagency was born.

And today I’m giving you all the templates I used to grow my business and my clients’ businesses for a 92% discount. $347 worth of templates, only for just $27. But the sale won’t last long. So it’s time for you to grow your business through social media attraction marketing. Would you like to own this ultimate bundle for an incredible insane price?

Build trust, credibility
& brand recognition

No one will buy your products or services if they don’t trust you. If you want to make your ideal client buy from you, you have to attract them with your branded content, provide value and build trust. Then BOOM!! Purchase. And with this bundle in your hand, it’s all achievable.

A new option for
content creators

Are you a content creator, social media marketer or a freelance designer? Now we offer extended license to boost your income, save plenty of time and create awesome content for your clients. All you have to do is re-design the awesome editable social media templates. 

A total time-saver to
reduce your stress

We totally understand how important time management is for you. But admit it creating awesome content is so stressful and time-consuming. With this easily editable templates bundle, you don’t have to waste time staring at the blank canvas until the magic creative juice flows 😀

Curious On What's Inside?

17 Social Media Templates Packs

1) Modern Instagram Puzzle Feed (PSD)

2) Instagram Story Marketing Templates (PSD)

3) Boss Babe Instagram Story Templates (PSD)

4) Foil Splash - Social Media Square Templates (PSD)

5) Splash Touch - Instagram Story Templates (PSD)

6) Peachy Blue - Instagram Story Templates (PSD)

7) Classic Black Squares - Social Media Templates (PSD)

2 Photoshop Artboards | 65 Black Filtered Nature Stocks

8) Pinterest Optimized Blog Post Templates (PSD)

9) Social Media (Square/Tall) Templates (PSD/JPG)

10) 34 Creative Premade Social Media Content (Square - JPG)

11) 34 Motivational Quotes for Social Media (JPG)

12) Premade Boss Lady - Instagram Feed (JPG)

13) & Watercolor Florals - Instagram Story Templates (JPG)

14) Floral - Instagram Story Templates (16 Colors/JPG)

15) The Basic - Square Social Media Templates (JPG)

16) & 17) Instagram Highlight Covers (JPG)


>> Totally Customizable: So you can customize each and every element of the design to suit your branding aesthetic to build more brand recognition.

>> Helps you provide a great first impression: So you can make ’em subconsciously understand that you’re a professional business and make ’em click that follow button in less than 5 seconds. 

>> Helps you stop chasing your leads and start attracting quality leads: So you don’t have to waste time running behind ’em. Instead, you can start attracting your ideal leads like a magnet. Stop overwhelming yourself and start doing more of what you love doing.

>> Create content for days, weeks or even months with less effort: So you can spend less time and start focusing on engaging with your audience, growing your business, and making more profits.

>> Easy to edit:  These Photoshop templates + JPG templates are so damn easy to edit with double-tap color changers, double-tap smart objects and drag and drop elements. 

>> 365 Days of Content: Never go out of content with this 17 different collections!! Feel relaxed without worrying too much on “what am I gonna post next”.

>> 92% Off Today: This 17 collections are worth more than $347 but if you buy today, you’ll save an insanely $320 and pay only $27!! WooHoo.

So the question is are you ready to take your social media marketing game to the next level or you prefer being overwhelmed working more than 13 hours? Choice is yours:


Do you need more leads for your business to meet your monthly revenue goals? Stop hunting for clients for your services. Instead, start attracting them like a magnet.

Your social media growth strategies aren’t working? Do you have a content strategy? Whaaa…NO?? I’m not sure how you manage your time.

But your loved ones deserve more time than your business. This templates bundle can reduce your content creation time by 70%. So you can spend the balance time with your loved ones.

Oh! You mean you don’t have good designing skills? NO PROBLEM! These templates are damn easy to edit. You can master it in less than 15 mins. 

Or if you wanna continue creating spammy looking contents… that’s fine too, go-ahead. You and I know how valuable your contents are but if it looks like it’s from 1996 people still gonna think its a scam. (Just saying)

With this bundle in your hand: You save $320, save time, build brand recognition, grow your following, explode your click-through rates and much more. So whadew waitin for? Make it yours right now:

Or are you a social media marketer/manager? Who wanna help your client create super-duper content to attract their audience and grow their business? But not a good content designer?

No problem, get started with this ultimate bundle and never look back. Wow your clients and make more recurring income.

Or are you a marketing or service-based agency? Help your clients generate more leads and book more clients through social media.

Or are you a blogger or influencer? Searching for an option to explode your blog’s traffic through Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram? This can definitely help you achieve that without wasting your time, money and effort.

Or are you a coach, consultant, speaker, expert or a product/service based entrepreneur? Who’s overwhelmed by the chasing strategies and wanna start attracting the right audience through a social media sales system? Stop feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. And start increasing your conversion rates by 33% with this ultimate bundle:

Frequently Asked Questions

No worries you don’t have to be a Pro designer to use these templates. These are so damn easy to edit. Photoshop CC is a must to edit these templates. These collections include JPG versions too which you can edit on Canva, Instagram or simply any editing tools.

Once the payment is complete, you’ll get sign in access to your account. The file link will be in your dashboard. You need Dropbox to download the files.

Not at all! Each and every element is so easy to edit with smart object and double click color changer features.

These templates reduce your editing times by 70%. Think of how much time you need to spend if you want to create your own designs from scratch. You don’t have to spend a lot of time, I have done the hard parts for you.

Yes of Course! But you have to buy the extended license on the checkout page. If not, you’ll get an unlimited personal projects license.

You can deliver the modified and exported content but not the original files you bought. If your client requests an original version they must get their own license.

Because the 92% off sale is ending soon!

No! This is definitely not some sort of service where they offer you something for a discount and put you into a monthly subscription plan. This is a one-time purchase.


>> Boss Ladies, Boss Moms, Coaches, Consultants, Product/Service-Based Business Owners, Freelancers, Bloggers/Influencers, Marketers & Agencies.

>> Ones who are motivated and ready to put in the efforts to grow their biz.

>> Ones who have a content strategy, growth strategy and a sales system.


>> Beginners who don’t have a growth strategy or a sales system.

>> Ones who believe in overnight success and not ready to put in efforts.

>> Ones who aren’t serious about their business and too lazy. (No offence)

Recent Client Reviews

Carlos Tumnacious
Carlos TumnaciousWeb Designer @Carlostum
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The best templates for social media ever created!!! I bought the bundle in an incredible price. Save hours designing and just change texts. Easy and beautiful designs! I really recommend it! I love it.

The Ultimate Social Media Templates Bundle

Take Your Social Media Marketing to the Next Level



Dropbox account required to download the files | File size: 630 MB | Photoshop CC is a requirement to use PSD templates